Meet the G2E & AGA Teams

This blog will be brought to you by the G2E and AGA Teams. You will read and learn about all aspects of G2E and the industry from many different perspectives including:

G2E Team

Top Line Event Updates

Courtney Muller, Senior Vice President

 Thomas Loughran, Vice President 

Conference & Industry Trends

Mike Johnson, Director of Industry Development & Sales

Marketing, PR, Special Events & Buzz

Kimberlie I. Leon, Director of Marketing

Exhibit Sales

  Mike Carlucci, Director of Strategic Accounts

International Sales

Brett DeWeese, Director of International Sales

G2E Asia

   See Lay Eng , Asst. Vice President G2E Asia

AGA Team

Judy Patterson, Senior Vice President and Executive Director

Holly Wetzel, Vice President of Communications

Keli Elkins, Vice President of Industry Relations

Brian Lehman, Communications Manager

National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) Team

Amy Kugler, Communications and Outreach Manager

We look forward to sharing insights, information and exciting news as the show approaches and all throughout the year so you can stay connected with the industry trends and be in the know.